Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why I Love Show and Want To Have Its Babies

Seriously, it's ridiculous how much this show reduces me to a squealing fan-girl. I'm sure it sickens you all. I love how Shi-kyung stays loyal and trusts Jae-ha’s motivations even when he’s hurt by his actions. 
I love how Mom is so gentle and loving but can still open up a can of whip-ass.

I love that the supporting characters are just as well written as the main two and that in many ways this has become an ensemble drama simply due to the strength of the writing and the AMAZING work of the supporting cast and the PD.

I love how vulnerable Shi-kyung and Jae-shin are with each other.

I love that I’m seeing Lee Seung-gi mature as an actor right before my eyes.  He is without a doubt performing on a whole new level with this drama.  
 I love that the main female character is truly a strong lead and that even when the drama descended into angst between herself and Jae-ha, we got some weepy scenes--but she never seemed like she had a personality transplant.  And the look on her face at the end of episode 16?  Is it next week yet?

I love that all the women in the show are strong in their own unique ways.        
 The main couple has one of the sweetest relationships I’ve seen in a long time and they’ve EARNED it.  

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  1. Oh! and add in the fact that the show constantly surprises me and I never know what's going to happen next.