Saturday, June 16, 2012

Full House Wrap-Up

Full House is an older drama, from 2004.  It stars Rain as actor Lee Young-Jae and Song Hye-kyo as aspiring writer Han Ji-Eun.   

The first few episodes of this drama were really hard for me to take.  The premise is ridiculous in that the lead character gets scammed out of her house and all her money and possessions by her best friends but does not put them in jail because they are going to have a baby.  This all happens in the first episode so I'm not spoiling anything by telling you this, just giving you a heads up because if that sort of scenario is likely to make the top of your head fly off in a rage you may want to avoid this drama.

I'm putting in a jump because this is long.  Mild spoilers follow...

So it took a while for the drama to find its groove.  I have to admit that for me it was often unintentionally funny and there were times I watched it more for the LOLZ but I did end up getting sucked in.  The fact that the heroine never loses her sass (I'm looking at you, Jan-di) and the noble idiocy is limited to about two episodes with a minimum of moping were big pluses.

 The person in charge of costuming Rain should be sued. Look, even Rain is embarrassed.  That shirt looks like the curtains in my grandmother's kitchen.  And those pants.  Is that color salmon, or melon?  No.  It's the color of fugly.

Apparently they spent all their budget hiring Rain, because they couldn't afford to hem his pants.  He wears a lot of pants in this drama. None of them are hemmed. He moves on from the Miami Vice look though.  In the last half he dresses like a cowboy.  Trufax.

They are in someone else's house eating all their food and wearing their clothes.  As you do.

Hee-jin and Dong-wook are Ji-eun's best friends.  They are the worst people on Earth.  And they are having a baby.  This baby will grow up to be a future drama character because you know these bozos are going to go broke several times and be on the run from loan sharks, meaning that their baby will have to work 17 part-time jobs in order to survive and pay off her parents' debts.  But it's all good, because this will throw her in the path of a chaebol who will make all of her problems magically go away.  See, it all works out in the end.  I love you, k-drama.

I enlarged this picture so you could see the sub.  I have to admit I fell a little bit in love with Rain at this point.
The other thing you need to know about Full House is that it involves a lot of cleaning.  Seriously, that is the bulk of every episode.  In fact I have a screen cap for that:

Truer words have never been spoken by a character in a k-drama.
Lee Young-Jae is an emotionally stunted, spoiled young man so the only way he knows how to get Han Ji-Eun's attention is by ordering her around.  It bothered me until I realized that emotionally he's about 9 years old and this is the equivalent of pulling her pig-tails.  And, hey, Rain gets in on the hot cleaning action, too. 

Maybe it's a type of fanservice I wasn't previously aware of. 

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